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Wasting energy, polluting the environment, producing masses of waste – these have no place in modern production. If you fail to do business sustainably, you won’t be doing business for long.

For this reason, the sustainability check is part of our value chain from the outset – and part of each individual production step. Whether it’s production factors, materials or logistics: we carefully check how future-proof they actually are and whether there is room to improve.

When it comes to our environment, we think of tomorrow. And act today.


All of our actions have consequences. This makes it especially important to keep a close eye on the ethical and ecological impact of our business activities and make them transparent.

Effective management includes corporate responsibility. For us, the foundation of responsible business is respectful dialogue – with customers, business partners, suppliers and employees across the entire supply chain.

We can only be truly successful if we fulfil our responsibility as a business.


For us, the perfect product is not only functional, aesthetically pleasing and high-quality – it is planned and produced responsibly. What is its intended use? How much do we need to produce? Can it be manufactured and disposed of sustainably?

Our product responsibility is clearly illustrated in the area of medical supplies. Here, we take our role as licensed supplier and our compliance with strict legal regulations particularly seriously.

Sustainable use of resources, good processing and regular quality control: there are many things to take into account even in relation to products.


Whether it’s in our headquarters, in our own factory or with our suppliers – we take responsibility for the work environment of a large number of people. All of them are part of our team, so their well-being is important to us.

Each of them has the right to a good working environment and fair working conditions. We do all we can to ensure that working for TheOneGroup is not only worthwhile but also takes place in a productive environment.

We are providers. For you – and for many hundreds of employees.


The Factory
Produce your garments in our factory in Turkey. We offer the best quality and always with the best specialists who will support and advise you from our headquarters in Frankfurt. The One Fashion is the best solution.
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For Artists
At The One Fashion we offer One-Stop-Solution to create your own brand. Tell us your idea and we will take care of making it come true.
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White Label Brand
Are you a brand and you want to add to your collection the latest trend design and produce with us? The One Fashion offers you our own most precious collection “Harmony”.
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This Is Us
We take care of healthcare With medical devices and protective clothing you can't afford to make compromises. This is why we only offer top quality – fast and reliably.
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Supplier and Distributor
A strong team. For our customers and suppliers, The One Medical is a reliable partner in digitization. Our strengths: team spirit, innovative strength and customer proximity.
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Textil One GmbH

Textil One GmbH is founded in a small 30m2 office with a clear vision: to digitalize the textile market.



First Online Shop

We launched our first online shop, where customers could place individual orders.



First Major Customer

The first major customer placed their trust in our expertise – and we made new clothing for a workforce of roughly 6,500.



First Business Angel

The first business angel joined the company. And we raised capital for the first time to be able to grow even faster.



Medical Products

Our team kept getting bigger. PPE and medical devices were added to the product range. This helped us to consolidate our market position and experience strong growth.



Crisis or challenge?

During the coronavirus pandemic, we devoted our entire production capacity to face masks. In the most difficult phase in its history, Textile One achieved its breakthrough: the company grew by 200%.



Frankfurter Straße 151a
63303 Dreieich
+49 (0) 6103 27064-0